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Judgment Day was painted after a smaller similar painting was destroyed, with The Sower painted at the same time.


The Sower depicts Jesus sitting with his disciples, and pointing to the sower in the field casting his seed, saying "Behold, a sower went out to sow."   The background tells the story of the parable.

Judgment Day depicts Jesus returning on a cloud, heralded by angels, causing a shadow from the middle cross to fall across the painting.  The risen saints, dressed in their robes of righteousness, walk toward the cross in the shadow.   To the left of the shadow is man's devastation of the earth, with an atomic bomb exploding, ruined buildings and plane on the denuded land, with the sea oily with pollution.  To the right is man's attempts to reach to God, portraying the differing religions, with none under the shadow.   The sands of time lap the chess board which asks the question, are we pawns in the game of life.  A figure, dressed in filthy rags, crawls despondently through the sand, whilst another figure on the cliff reaches out as if to say, what about me?   The cliffs are to bring the eye back into the picture.

These paintings are not for sale.​

The Sower - oil on canvas 6ft x 4ft

Broad is the Way

Judgment Day - 4ft x 6ft


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