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Doris Younane

Actress, better  known as her portrayal of Moira in McLeod's Daughters, 

Oil on Canvas, 120 x 150cm

Parents of an IVF baby, commissioned by the proud Grand-father

Another painting of

Doris Younane

Brian Gardener, gardener.   Miniature.

Ambrose Mungala Chalarimeri

wrote The Man from the Sunrise Side. 

Such Grace in an old poor woman was such a pleasure to paint.

A happy Chinese Worker photographed by my friend in the late 1980's

These paintings were painted in water-based oils, using only a red, blue, yellow, burnt sienna and white as exercises.   I now only paint in oils.  

One of my first tuition pieces​.   It won Best in Show at Walkerville Rotary Art Exhibition as well as a number of People's Choice awards..

An old miner that I painted just for the fun of it.

A tuition piece to achieve the 'wet look'.


Nepalese Water Carrier

A Twinkle in His Eye - a third painting in water-based oils

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